Monday, October 10, 2011

DD BBQ Catering - Carnival Game Booths

  3 Carnival Games Special with Prizes

Includes three games from the list below and 75 Stuffed Animal Prizes (8"-10") Unlimited Consolation Prizes available for participants.  
Comes with Three Attendants. 

Could require access to 110 electric within 50 feet.
Carnival Games List
  • FLIP A CHICKEN-Flip the Chicken into the rotating frying pan.
  • CRAZY CANS- Cans arranged in a pyramid on a pedestal are knocked down by beanbags
  • FISH BOWL TOSS-  Land the ping pong ball in the fishbowls for a prize
  • FRY A FROG- Flip the rubber frog completely with a mallet into the pot.
  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE- Land on the your winning spot for a prize
  • RING A BOTTLE- A Classic Carnival Game loved by all.
  • CONNECT 4- The person who connects 4 in a row first wins. Like the board game but LARGE.
  • TIC TAC TOE- 3 In a Row wins a prize.
  • FOOTBALL TOSS- Throw mini football into strategic cut hole in football players mid-section.
  • BUSHEL TOSS-Throw the ball into the basket for a win
  • WASHER TOSS-Toss the Giant Sized Washer into the Holes for Points (two person contest)
  • DOUBLE POP A SHOT-Make so many baskets for a win (two person contest)
  • LADDER TOSS- Toss the golf balls on a string onto the ladder for points (two person contest)
  • BASEBALL TOSS- The catcher has to catch the baseball in his glove
  • POTTY TOSS- (coming soon) Toss the ball into the potty for a win